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Dave Days
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Textes et Paroles de 7 Things

I probably shouldn't say this.
Because my friends think that I'm weird.
Everytime I say I love you they remind me you can't hear.
It's because you're cardboard. I'm always ignored.
But you feel so real to me why can't they see.
And you're still standing in the same way.
Just how i left you yesterday, against the wall.
Don't fall.

The 7 things I hate about you.
You're fake, you break, you are not real.
If only I had something to feel.
You are 2D with no back side.
You cost me quite a lot to buy.
My friends are jerks they make fun of us.
Just know it hurts. I want to be with the real Miley.
And the 7th thing I hate the most about you
You make cardboard look cute ;-)

It's awkward and silent because cardboard cannot speak.
I wonder what you think about when you smile and stare at me.
Dood are you serious?! You're delirious? She is cardboard
she can't hear us.


Dood omg did she just talk?!
She's been real all along! Say something again!


The 7 things I like about you.
You're hair, your eye, cardboard Levis.
When we kiss you're hypnotized.
You let me do whatever I want.
I can't wait till Chris is gone! ;-)
We never fight when I hold you tight
Ow! Splinter! Ohhh it's alright!
I wanna be with the real Miley.
And the 7th thing I like the most about you.
You make cardboard look cute

(Thanks to Laura for these lyrics)

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