Paroles Get Out of My Head Miley de Dave Days

Dave Days
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  • Chanson: Get Out of My Head Miley
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Textes et Paroles de Get Out of My Head Miley

Got off the plane at LAX with a clean slate ahead
No more cardboard girlfriends
I hope that never happens again
Maybe I'll run into the real Miley
The thought of that, it made me kind of smiley
Let's not be ridiculous
She's way too famous... KICK IT

i took a walk down the Hollywood Blvd
To clear my mind and think about where to start
My life all my dreams and that's when I saw her
Far and in a blur
i need to know for sure

So I run up to her
And to my surprise
It's a cardboard cut out again
This can't be happening
Why is this happening
I'm not going to lie
You're looking pretty fine
No no what am I saying
get out of my head Miley

I start run run away everybody's looking at me now
Like who's that kid that's throwing a fit
He's pretty weird looking too
I can't focus with this cardboard all around me
I see her at every single party
What do you mean you can't see her?
Please take this bochure
I recommend this brochure
It worked for that guy! LAWLS

I'm done with this
Get out of my head
I'm sorry but it's gotta be over
Goodbye gooodbye
What the beep
Stop messing with me
This isn't fun anymore
Get out of my head Miley.

When I'm playing my XBox There she is.
When I'm making breakfast. There she is.
When I'm tryna take a shower. There she is.
Everywhere I look there she is!! Ahh!

Ohhh my goddddd
Please don't kill me!
Oh my gododododdd
Get out of my head Miley!

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