Paroles Northwind de Dawn Of Dreams

Dawn Of Dreams
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  • Chanson: Northwind
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Textes et Paroles de Northwind

As the northwind starts to whisper
I open my encrusted eyes
And walk into the beyiond
To the land of the thousand skies

As my life slowly fades away
I see the end of this mistery
Now I finally realize
That I can't stay alive

Take me down
Where the sweet becomes the bitter
Take me down
Where the truth is a lie
Take me down
Where hope rots awy
Take me down... into the beyond

Tears are falling free
In a neverending stream
Dark signs of the night
The fallen night

...Open my eyes... And see

My soul is forlorn
In the cold winds of darkness
And I will never find peace
In my restless heart

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