Paroles A Lullaby For The Devil de Dead Soul Tribe

Dead Soul Tribe
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  • Artiste: Dead Soul Tribe8515
  • Chanson: A Lullaby For The Devil
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Textes et Paroles de A Lullaby For The Devil

Close your eyes and try to sleep
You've been awake too long
Close your eyes and try to sleep
Let the day drift by
You've been awake for way too long

Forget about today
Let it drift away
Let your logic go
Let the feeling grow

Let go of all your hate
Let it dissipate
Find the love within
Let the dream begin

Do not hesitate
Take the great escape
Finally silence the pain and the violence today
Choose another fate
That which you create
Never again
Never again will you hold your hand over this place

Dream this night away till morn
Sleeping like a baby born
Test your mind and let your sorrow
Fade into the night

When you reawake
In all that you forsake
The bitter seasons end
Ready to ascend
In the morning light
Through a second sight
Learning to forgive
Finally learn to live

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