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Dead To Me
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Textes et Paroles de Writing Letters

I've been writing letters since that confession
Was beaten out of me and now I'll spend my life alone
We are all children whose fate was sealed
When it was decided we wouldn't be given a chance to grow

If you grew up where we did, would you be different?
I guess we'll never know
If you saw things I've seen, would you turn our like me?
I guess we'll never know
Why can't you understand our lives are in your hands?
Spinning out of control so you put me in a cage

When the effects of this social test are felt you will see
It will be far too late to simply reverse this
A generation rendered fatherless
Watch it unravel and then you'll know

It's not that hard to figure out
We're unwilling pawns but there's no doubt
We'd watch the laws all quickly change
The day the rich kids are treated the same

If you put me in a cage
Don't be shocked then on the day
That I turn into an animal
Feeding on your apathy and hate

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