Paroles Anatomically Incorrect de Defleshed

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  • Artiste: Defleshed8594
  • Chanson: Anatomically Incorrect
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Textes et Paroles de Anatomically Incorrect

[music & lyrics c by DEFLESHED 1995]

Woman...I found the way to one lady's heart
Said she's made for modern art
Lady...anatomically perfect
Her limbs I soon will disconnect
We all sacrifice
She must sacrifice her body
It's so simple and I convinced her
Her body is now mine and I shape it as I want
I use different instruments
Gillette, stiletto - those are brought as for make-up
I prefer to work from above
With light so I lay the body down
On the Dodge Ram Pick-Up
Rectum...Her rectum is spread wide-open
Enough to put her left arm up there
Conclude...When I look at this creation
Glad I'm not born with my arm in there
As I look I need a shave
As you look you need a grave
And me...thinking, drinking red wine
Bored of things dealing sorrow
I like beauty and a touch of pain
to be connected
I make arts of tomorrow
Though it's hard to keep them to that day...
...they will be respected
This will

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