Paroles Dystopian Anthropotagonism de Deifecation

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  • Artiste: Deifecation32928
  • Chanson: Dystopian Anthropotagonism
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Textes et Paroles de Dystopian Anthropotagonism

Within fifty years from now
there is nothing left to eat
By forced cannibalism
this pathetic race will have to feed

Moral values now subsided
by the urge to survive
Hunting down each other
to prevent starvation

Enslaved by greed,lust and ignorance
they will pay the price
Centuries of destruction
of a place where they don't belong

Scavagers of their own environment
like locusts feeding on a crop
Multiplying with many every second
this expansion drift will never stop

Blessed by meekest present situation of having no natural enemies at all *
But soon this will change when genetic reconstruction will occur

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