Paroles The Spreading Disease de All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish
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  • Artiste: All Shall Perish5794
  • Chanson: The Spreading Disease
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Textes et Paroles de The Spreading Disease

Multiplying existence of the wretched human beings
A pain stricken legacy of greed the wealthy
Few leaving only scrapes for us behind
While the rest of the fucking' world breeds just to survive
A greedy minority facilities our demise
As we all turn our backs on the we power hold inside
There shall be no end to this pathetic reign of terror cast
Upon this planet until the day comes that we all
Verge of death we close our eyes our time is
Fucking ending our natural instinct is a lust for greed
Killing each other unknowingly tell me what is left when
Greed has bled us bare ignorant populations are
Fucking nations are destruction of
The entire human race stuck on earth to suffocate
Are we all doomed to this fate buried
Beneath a sea of the spreading disease
The earth lies victim to the wrath ignorance
Their heads children here to support
The poor when they are weak and old
Our problem lies deep for some
We can not reverse what's done
A scarce future lies ahead
If we don't think, we'll all be dead
Multiplying endlessly
All to soon no room to breathe

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