Paroles Bonsai People de Deuteronomium

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  • Artiste: Deuteronomium8710
  • Chanson: Bonsai People
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Textes et Paroles de Bonsai People

I look at the little tree, standing so patiently
It's got many years of age, but only a bit of size
I take a closer look and I see myself in it's leaves
I see the strong trunk of bonsai
It's a real tree, not a frail sapling
That could be swayed by every wind
(In it's trunk) many fractures and rings
Into the soil it has pushed it's roots

Bonsai people, childlike, humble
Bonsai people, childlike, humble

We should have a strong trunk of faith
We should be no longer babes
Carried here and there, swung back and forth
With every wind of teaching
But grow up in wisdom and understanding
And settle down into the love of Lord

Bonsai people, childlike, humble
Bonsai people, childlike, humble

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