Paroles Mantle Of Suffering de Diabolos Rising

Diabolos Rising
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  • Artiste: Diabolos Rising8758
  • Chanson: Mantle Of Suffering
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Textes et Paroles de Mantle Of Suffering

The bowels of earth explode and spit back
The tears of the paranormal masochist
Who grings and purges his flesh
Like a metallic phallus tearing the womb
Possesed infants hidden carefully
Behind goat-leather masks
Devouring vociferous pain
Of sacrificed black innocence
Thrusting their sinister pleasures
Into a mist of sweet torment
Emerged one night in a heretic baptism
And the moon cries tears of blood
Licking their skin with razored tongues
Engraving their obscure phobias
On marble statues of adultery
All paths lead to hell
Cries of a narcissistic blasphemy
Inspired in a velvet pandemonium
Of a feverish, repulsive hyperpain
All paths stream from hell

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