Paroles Vinnum Sabbati de Diabolos Rising

Diabolos Rising
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  • Artiste: Diabolos Rising8758
  • Chanson: Vinnum Sabbati
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Textes et Paroles de Vinnum Sabbati

White dust of black emotions,
Mixed with blood and wine,
Awakening the ancient worm,
The heathen Lord of darkness.
Made by alchemical blends,
The lost forgotten science,
Tearing down illusions,
Revealing infernal wonders.
Drawned in a deep sweet trance,
Of an unholy union
The Beast and man are one,
The serpent has now risen.
To take now this prophane Grail,
And taste the fluids of Abyss,
Share with us a tempting dream,
Of Nuptine Sabbat.

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