Paroles Den of the Avalanche Dragon de Dim Mak

Dim Mak
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  • Artiste: Dim Mak23399
  • Chanson: Den of the Avalanche Dragon
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Textes et Paroles de Den of the Avalanche Dragon

In the den of the avalanche, dragonWith the boreas exacting, vengeanceWhere the sky sees all, hears all, and crushes allTo the sky a whisper sounds like, thunderAnd a silent canyon can roar, anarchyOn the fifth of the fifth all hope can, perishBeyond the feeble mercy of the, six thievesNo warmth can survive the perilous, abyssSuffer chaos, suffer chaos, sufferOn the edge of the unicorn, precipiceBone piercing star radiating, winterThe north is the direction of, sudden deathWhere the forces align in the keep of, chaosWhere a frozen guillotine beheads, with iceAnd the maelstrom tears and sunders, all lifeA sheet of pristine snow, suffocatesYou will lie in the coldest graveyard, on earthSuffer chaos, suffer chaos, sufferWhen the world is self-destrcutingAll that matters blown awayFeel majestic crushing blue cloudAll the hope just swept awayFear the force before beginningsOne that lives to devastateRepeat parts 4 & 5

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