Paroles Soso Def Freestyle de Dj Whookid

Dj Whookid
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  • Artiste: Dj Whookid14083
  • Chanson: Soso Def Freestyle
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Textes et Paroles de Soso Def Freestyle

(feat. Q Da Kid)

("Blueprint 2" by Jay-Z beat)

Introducing, Q D-A K-I-D
Knucklegang legendary I'm sorta like Ali
Hustle game tight I'm like God to these fiends
Custom Range white, stuntin' wit' a hard lean
Money's exactly what the Red Dot Squad is seein'
Brand new Benz but the McClaren's what I oughta be in
But until things pop for me
I'ma cook raw do whatever I gotsta eat
I'm workin' hard lookin' forward to my album release
Five mic classic four and a half at least
I'm tryin' to move big units, pop numbers
Push a H4 navy blue drop Hummer
D-K, all day, from the ghetto sidewalk to the project hallways
And it don't matter what coast I'm on
I got toast in palm ready to ghost someone
Stretched out on a hosptial bed his eye closed
There's no coming back shots to the head the box closed
Black custom ??? ?? ???
I'll fuck with models and tamper with they young throats
JD the hatin' is on, dudes is mad cuz he doin it again
he's on your arm
Or could it be the way we ball out I blow fitty on Don
Give money back to the streets to keep the kids warm
You thought it was over but look we here
Another SoSo and Free For All world premiere
Brooklyn, one nine, get it clear
SoSo Def we runnin' it this year

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