Paroles Everything Is Different Now de Don Henley

Don Henley
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  • Artiste: Don Henley4201
  • Chanson: Everything Is Different Now
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Textes et Paroles de Everything Is Different Now

I hate to tell you this, but Im very, very happy
And I know thats not what youd expect from me at all
Im not the kind to smile and bow out gracefully
I always wanted to take it to the wall

But I found somebody with a heart as big as texas
I found an angel with the golden wings
She saw me down here in the dark somehow
And everything is different now

Yeah, I miss the old crowd sometimes
And the wild, wild nights of running
You know, a starving soul cant live like that for long
You go around in circles that just keep getting smaller
You wake up one morning and half your life is gone
I got so tired of that; I got so lonely
I dropped down and I called out to heaven
send me someone to love.
And heaven shot back, you get the love that you allow.
And everything is different now

Oh, and its sweet to know
The wisdom that living brings
Since I got a telegram from the God of simple things
She said, i dont care what you do for a living.
She said, i dont care what kind of car you drive.
all I want to know right now is what do you believe in
And what it means to you to be alive
Will you stand here in this fire with me?
Are you ready for another life?
So I bit that bullet and I took that vow
And everything is different now
Everything is different now

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