Paroles Loving You's Like Coming Home de Don Williams

Don Williams
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  • Artiste: Don Williams9847
  • Chanson: Loving You's Like Coming Home
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Textes et Paroles de Loving You's Like Coming Home

I've been rained on, I've been wind blown
took a wrong road every now & then
I've been passed up, once or twice stuck
& I thought love was just around the bend
But lately my hope was wearing thin

It's a lonesome and endless highway
I've been searching for so long
And after all the miles I've travelled
Loving you's like coming home

I've been left flat, I've been laughed at,
wound up right back where I started from.
Been the wrong way down a one way
& I thought some day my day would come.
But lately I'd almost given up.

Well I've been flagged down, I've been turned round
& all that I found was a dead end street.
I've been stranded, marked & branded,
treated underhanded by everyone I meet.
But lately my dream is getting weak.

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