Paroles Third Master de Drowned

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  • Artiste: Drowned9134
  • Chanson: Third Master
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Textes et Paroles de Third Master

Excepting me, who else can make God or Satan fear of?
War is my name and I become disgusted for little things.
If you pass my way, you can be sure, you will last with your mouth full of ants!!!
My bullets don't demand a minimum age to finish someone.
All gods will know who is their only master!
My felling for pain is intense and I have many forms to show you how much perverse we are too!
Excepting me, who else can decide who will live or die on this land?
I am the worst form of life that treads in this world.
If there is a God and his color is white...
I'm the deepest black in its lowest form.
I won't tolerate their wails; hear their prayers.
That makes me smile!

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