Paroles The Game Is Up de Duvall

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  • Artiste: Duvall23999
  • Chanson: The Game Is Up
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Textes et Paroles de The Game Is Up

Hey Hey Hey
I'm not gonna listen to what you say anymore,
Your lies get me nowhere.
Always listen, seemingly harmless, concessions
blur the lines away,
And I always believed you,
I used to believe you,
Not anymore.
The game is up, I'm on
To you now,
I won't be playing the pawn,
To you now,
You might have thought you won,
But your plans have been undone,
By the rising of the sun,
I am on to you now.
Now Now Now,
I'm not gonna let you tell me how
to live, your wisdom,
Isn't wisdom at all.
Sunlight found you,
Shattered the darkness around you,
Where you stood and whimpered,
And I always believed you,
I used to believe you,
Not anymore.

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