Paroles For Us Or Against Us de Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus
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  • Artiste: Dying Fetus9153
  • Chanson: For Us Or Against Us
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Textes et Paroles de For Us Or Against Us

Turn your back and take a look
at what the world is really like.
What is there for you and I? (Nothing short of suicide)

Burn the candle at both ends,
the options growing few.
Something's wrong, don't pretend (you must now decide)
Mounting pressure, social breakdown
a dying planet, revolution, mass uprising,
we're begging for it.

Live for us, or live for them
the worker is the key.
shut outside, with no defense (from factory to burning fields).

Sweat and blood, for days and years
hours wasted still, more to life than wealth and war?
(what is left for them to kill?)

The force of life, is dead of thirst
golden years have turned to rust, our spirits crushed,
our bodies bleed, our throats are cut.

And dreams of better times have turned to dust.
For the last time, can you fuck off an die?
You made this world, and killed it.

So rich that your cash has made you blind,
you don't give a fuck about us. My patience is too thin to try.
Your kind was made to suffer, by the powers we hold in time.
Your life will soon be over.

Our lives determined by the system's needs,
lost inside its cold machinery.
Fucked for life, 'cause the base is paved.
We whore ourselves out for a daily wage.

Laughing at the children by their feet,
their greed can turn such innocence to meat.
So contract signed, and with no mind to feed,
the masses slave it while the masters feast.

The sources of their lies, are hidden in the past
The essence of the truth, lies dead in the aftermath.
Find another way, before the cause is lost
Pull yourself up, and we'll fight together.

With us or not, there are no in-betweens
Try and think fast, or you won't be breathing.
From this point, the only way is up
Time is running out, the door is slamming shut.

The burden of a cost, may be too much
It takes a lot of lives, just to break the cycle.
It takes a lot of hate, and takes a lot of luck
the sooner it's all done, we can finally say we're free

Burning, our consciousness. The fire is spreading.
The challenge is waiting...

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