Paroles Enflaming Demands de Elvenpath

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  • Artiste: Elvenpath52441
  • Chanson: Enflaming Demands
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Textes et Paroles de Enflaming Demands

What could there better be to do
Than live our lives in genial rooms
But don’t you rest - it’s time to realize
For everyone to live this life

Lights turned off, a quaking ground
I realize the fear around

Anywhere here in a ball of fire
Anyone brought a bleeding desire
Enflamed demands to have reasons to kill
Effecting thousands being thrilled

Religious paces
Reactionary ways

Idealists are writing scripts
But chances of one world get chained
Appointed - having the boldness to claim
Telling what people want

Anywhere in a ball of fire
They bring a bloody desire
Enflaming demands to have reasons to kill
Causing thousands being thrilled

Hundreds of years ago
They formed these three different worlds
Treated less of equality
Now a screaming need for welfare

Finally ending in balls of fire
Martyrs bring a bloody desire
Paying back years of thrilling
Have chosen now the way of killing

Religious paces
While working out chances (for everyone)
Reactionary ways
Won’t help to build up a free world (for all)

We need to realize global welfare
Let’s live freedom and a genial life

Bury the weapons ´cause their life means killing
Violence ain’t worth living
No one can tell me we need blood and tears
Politicians and groups stop the reign of fear

Religious paces
While working out chances for everyone
Reactionary deeds
Chain ways building one world

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