Paroles So Much Out Of The Way de Estelle

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  • Artiste: Estelle2936
  • Chanson: So Much Out Of The Way
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Textes et Paroles de So Much Out Of The Way

On and on and on and on [3x]
I want that old thing back.

I'm a bring it back blood
Come follow me
Listen likkle hip hop jazz and r&b
?Care make the struggle?, make them bwouys go mad
Act like ya heavy, mek a gyal go on bad,
Listen - I make, you take
What ever kinda harmonies, that Estelle make
The incredible, unforgettable
Yes, yes, that's what they say when they ?sticks to? my head
Whenever the see me, they wanna tap, tap
You can't touch the pum pum
Bwouy You mussa mad

Don't you know you look so good,
Your mind is not ready, Oh, no, no….

They got so much things to say right now
They go so much things to say
And if a bwouy don't know what he's dealing with
You need to move that out the way
They got so much things to say right now
They go so much things to say
And if a gyal don't know what's she's working with
gotta move that out the way

Said If he ain't go no ambition
And he don't know how to listen
But he think he running game
Like a bloody politician
Push him out the way 3x
Get your ass out the way

Cause if you are a gyal
And she wanna play games
She don't wanna go to work
She too hot for the train
Dash her out the way 3x
Get your ass out the way

I can break it down
Like whatever you want
You want it like this
I'm a take you out to the sticks.
Miss Estelle
I bruk it down quick
Back to the hood, and papparazzi take a click
I'm covered, always prepared for the weather
Easy mek it rain, but I'm holding the umbrella
You can catch me in my heels and ting
You know them pounds make a guy wanna sing
This is London talk, you run New York?
This English chick?
I'll show you how to walk.
And I don't think there's nobody else (uh-uh, uh-uh)
That can do it quite like Estelle


Out. The. Way.
Push him back
?If .. fool? a gyal dey you
Trying to date you and your girlfriends too
Chatting all the crap about he really love you


Out. The. Way.
Push him back
If you foolish trying to get your day
Knowing that you work damn hard all day
She got plenty of cash in L.A.


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