Paroles Yeah Right de Ester Dean

Ester Dean
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  • Chanson: Yeah Right
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Textes et Paroles de Yeah Right

[Verse 1:]
I got a guy and let me tell you he's so fine
Girls be like yo baby easy on the eyes
I heard it before these girls so bold they talkin bout
If you don't want em... I do

You don't know what it's like with him
He ain't like that that that when you get him
Cause ooo that boy so cocky like he on everybody
Just cause he paid my bills got me livin up up up in the hills
He be talking noise, talking noise, talking noise, what he say

He said, that it be hard, to leave I told him (yeah right)
Without him, it would be hard to breath, I told him (yeah right)
So I got my keys out, boots on, proceeded, to the door
Watch me crank the car and leave tire marks in the yard boy
He said that it be hard to leave I told him (yeah right)

[Verse 2:]
He tried to control me like my name is effin janet
Like he's the only hot guy on this effin planet
You might be like I got it made but I swear that
You don't know what I... go through



He thought that I would just sit and take it
But he had it wrong (ohh)
Like it ain't nothing for me
To go out and find me another one (right)


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