Paroles Fall Of Man de Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
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  • Chanson: Fall Of Man
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Textes et Paroles de Fall Of Man

[Music: Puolakanaho & Hiltula]
[Lyrics: Puolakanaho & Vetelainen]

The fire in your soul is fading
When our worlds collide
The charming serpent slithers
While an innocent dies

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire:

Cleanse yourself of all your sins
I can feel your sinful thoughts
Your looks stain my soul
You are the virgin, you are the whore

Who am I to forgive you?
Turn away from the evil eye
Obey.. You're mine..

Get used to the pain now
It's only thing that's real
I've hidden the truth behind the mask
Forever bending the truth

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire


Welcome to the afterglow of my past
The last chapter of the Fall of Man
Still, deep inside your weak heart
You know I'm the one.. For you..

I set a trap of the sneaking temptation:
You know I feel forever desire


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