Paroles Brand New Speed de Fear Of Water

Fear Of Water
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  • Artiste: Fear Of Water12174
  • Chanson: Brand New Speed
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Textes et Paroles de Brand New Speed

Never follow in line end up
where they want you.
Without them you'll be fine I will too.
They Don't need a reason
Take your dreams away.
I will show you the way to live today.
You will find that the strong lead the blind.
Disregard their smiles
for they will cut you down,
you will bleed for miles without a sound.
If everyone is better how do you explain all their empty hearts so full of pain.
Rise above all the hate, it's not to late.
You will find that the strong lead the blind.
And I don't wanna be a follower
I will lead You at a Brand New Speed and we'll surpass Every thing you need.
When you feel like there's nothing left take a look inside your chest.
Here's a hand hold on my friend I won't leave when there's no one left.

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