Paroles Hopeless Case de G. Love And Special Sauce

G. Love And Special Sauce
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  • Artiste: G. Love And Special Sauce13915
  • Chanson: Hopeless Case
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Textes et Paroles de Hopeless Case

All you brain-dead kids get lost
I grab the tab snap the cap pop the top
When I start with much heart
This world seems numb blind deaf and dumb
There's many ways to be living
But your only living once
From satellite tvs we see right overseas
In the eyes of the refugees but we're blind to their pleas
Falling down like leaves no one feels what they see
It ain't me it's just a special on your cable tv

It makes you feel so removed
But you got to free your mind
Come alive in the nick of time
â€~cause if you didn't
you might end up suck a waist
and that would make you be another
one of those hopeless case

I made plenty of friends
And I thought they were true
But at the end of the day
Do what you got to do
You came in this world alone
And that's how you're gonna leave
You better walk with some love in your heart
You best believe
No man is an island to stand alone

It makes you feel so removed
But you got ot free your mind
Come alive in the nick of time
â€~cause if you don't
you might end up sucha waste
and that would make you another
one of those hopeless case

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