Paroles If Only de Gabe Bondoc

Gabe Bondoc
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  • Chanson: If Only
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Textes et Paroles de If Only

four a.m.

im looking at myself

and the reflection of the clock on top


here it comes, im still awake and i can

feel the sun

shining through the trees to shine on me,

but don't shine on me..


so maybe if i close my eyes,

maybe then i could see you smilin

ill be dreamin of good times

cuz im sure it'll stop the crying

if only you'd come back to me,

maybe then i could stop this lying to myself

all these sounds,

sometimes silence can be so damn loud

babygirl if i could have my choice,

i'd only hear your voice

feel you breathe and feel the earth move

when your touchin me

so many things i wish that i could do...

with you.


and all the megapixels in this world

they couldn't capture what you mean to me girl...

if a picture's worth a thousand words

a million pictures couldn't speak for her.


i miss you so much baby

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