Paroles Get Bizzy With The Fizzy de Garbage

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  • Artiste: Garbage2756
  • Chanson: Get Bizzy With The Fizzy
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Textes et Paroles de Get Bizzy With The Fizzy

Well...I might just consider this
If you don't let me down
If you can keep me happy
Well you can sit around
Now I don't care for sycofants
They drive me round the bend
Then if you can't control yourself
Then let's just keep being friends

Let's make out in the back of your car
Let's going driving and toodlin' around
We can always get lost in a crowd
Are you ready to get deep down

Now there's something you should know about
I'm cronically depressed
Internalise my hatred
And sacrifice my self
Now I am busy Saturday
But I am free tonight
And I might have to sort you out
If you don't do it right

Get bizzy with the fizzy baby {4x}

{Chorus + Wohoo (2x)}

Get bizzy with the fizzy baby (Uhuhuh..uhh!) {4x}

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