Paroles Soldier Through This de Garbage

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  • Artiste: Garbage2756
  • Chanson: Soldier Through This
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Textes et Paroles de Soldier Through This

You work to hard
So when you come home
You tell me you are tired
And you don't want to talk about it
You envy my drive
And how I am motivated

You go down to the park
Check out the carnival for a while
And try to forget all about it
I'm out of control
And you don't appreciate it

Believe it, I need it
I feel intoxicated
I love it, I want it
Don't make me leave you for it

You say I have changed
Self-centred and vain
And you don't respect me for it
The world is the same
So I play the game
And you've grown to hate me for it

So waery and raged
There's no-one to blame
But still you resent me for it
I call all the shots
I hold all the cards
And you feel imasculinated

Believe it, I need this
I feel intoxicated
I love it, I want it
Don't make me leave you for it
{repeat bridge}

How do we reconcile this {4x}
I'm able to soldier through this {4x}

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