Paroles Special Someone de Geggy Tah

Geggy Tah
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  • Chanson: Special Someone
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Textes et Paroles de Special Someone

I am waiting for that special someoneand I don't now who that someone is.Maybe they've come and gone andI'll be here for years and years.Will I ever know who they areAnd what it is they got say?When that someone comesthey'll open all the doors.But until you comewhy is it so hardto have somefun whileI'm waiting for someone to manifestmy many dreams. To make thisbitter world a sweeter placekicks me in theface ohhow can I face?Dead dreams lying all over the place.I wish that I could erasedead dreams lying all over the placeI wish that I could erasewhat I didn't dowhile waitingfor youI am waiting for that special someoneI'm waiting for Godot wherewaitng is something to do.It doesn't bother meI hope it doesn't bother youto face ordinary gracesweet dreams can be common place.Now they are in heavens wake.Dead dreams lying all over the place.How I'd like to dedicatedead dreams lying all over the place.Now all I do is embraceall there is to dowhile waitingfor youI am waiting for that special someoneI am waiting for someone special

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