Paroles Sister Sodomy - Death And Defecation de GG Allin

GG Allin
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  • Artiste: GG Allin14869
  • Chanson: Sister Sodomy - Death And Defecation
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Textes et Paroles de Sister Sodomy - Death And Defecation

Up the backdoor bitch
I dig your anal cavity
Your ass is my fuck
Only death is your reality
Now's the time
For sister's termination
The real thing is breathless
As our communication

Sister sodomy sister of death
Your burial ground is my final quest
Find you in a dumpster bullet in your head
Your ass all tore up I love you dead

Death and defecation in the after hours
Death and defecation to where I'll bring you flowers
Death and defecation when you're here with me
Pretty girls make the blood I love to drink


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