Paroles Happy Again? de Glampire

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  • Artiste: Glampire15101
  • Chanson: Happy Again?
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Textes et Paroles de Happy Again?

Am I the only one here who feels this sense of urgency?
Am I losing my mind?
Do I need psycic surgery?
The pounding in my heart and the racing in my viens
Has become a curse to me

And it's an emergency that's become worse you see

I tried sex
I ate drugs
Nothing in the world was good enough
To cure this pain in my chest

I'm not gonna be happy again
No it never lasts
It's not worth the crash or the pain
So I'm not gonna be happy again

I feel like I've been surrounded and hounded by idiots in the first degree
Does anybody else feel like me?
The night is just a darker day that always seems to last
The day is just a bright nightmare shining with my ugly past

I tried gods rule
I tried the devils tool
And let me tell you
They got the same deal for you

I am so desperately vulgar with sadness
Oh I know
I got friends out the ass
But I can't get no where
I am losing ground
Without a stance
And I know
Oh I'm sickiningly addicted to sadness

Oh no no no oooh oh

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