Paroles Invincible de Glampire

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  • Artiste: Glampire15101
  • Chanson: Invincible
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Textes et Paroles de Invincible

You have picked me up from falling down
Dragged me through thick and thin
All this time has been so unkind
You never seemed to fit us in

All the dues you have paid
And the stars they made
Baby it's the pain I've seen
Just cuz' you've been around
This lost and found
Girl it doesn't mean a goddamn thing

You are born of stone
And you are invincible
Long live Rock 'N' Roll
And you are invincible

Now you don't feel so well
Sick and tired as hell
Thinking that it may not last
At the end of the line is where you'll find
The future diggin' up the past

You are born of stone
And you are invincible
Long live Rock 'N' Roll
And you are invincible

Don't let them tell you
And don't let them drag you down
You...You can win
Oh baby I know you can
Oh Yeah

You know you have to
Fight harder than you've ever done
Cuz' the smoke has cleared
And you are still here
This time you are the only one
When they figure it out
You've done everything you can
So tie up your shoes
Kick off the blues
Cuz' Baby, Here we go again

You are born of stone
And you are invincible
Long live Rock 'N' Roll
And you are invincible

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