Paroles Delicious de Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey
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  • Chanson: Delicious
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Textes et Paroles de Delicious

She walked in, I had to know her name
She looked at me, and then my whole world changed
She was fine and innocent
Looking so soft and sweet
She was so delectable, good enough to eat

She's delicious, watch her walk
My mouth waters when I hear her talk
Long legs and a pretty face
Come on Honey, I want a taste

I've been going hungry for way too long
I'm a starving man, You know I'm not that strong
Chocolate soda, banana split
Bar-B-Q roasting on an open pit
Sweet juices running down your fingertips
It's nothing like the taste of your sweet lips

Delicious, yes indeed
Your honey love is all I need
One kiss and I will be allright
Come on cookie, just one bite

It's not the way she dresses
Or the smell of her perfume
That makes the boys go crazy
When she walks in a room
You can't put your finger on it
You just know how bad you want it
To get a taste of her fine champagne
You'd walk ten miles in the pouring rain

Delicious, watch her walk
I can't breathe, I can't talk
Long legs and a pretty face
Come on honey, gimme one more taste
Delicious, yes indeed
Your honey love is all I need
What a thrill when you hold me tight
Come on cookie, just one more bite
You know I've been wishin'
For some love nutrition

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