Paroles Some Kind Of Blue de Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey
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  • Artiste: Glenn Frey15153
  • Chanson: Some Kind Of Blue
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Textes et Paroles de Some Kind Of Blue

Sunny day, two people walking
On and on, the way lovers do
Looking back, I see them talking
So many things remind me of you

I always thought we'd be together
I never dreamed we'd drift apart
Here I am, driving home to no one
To spend the night with my broken heart

I'm some kind of blue without you
Don't know what to do about you
From the minute you said we were through
I've been some kind of blue

I lay in bed, and stare at the ceiling
I think of you walking out the door
I can't describe the sadness I'm feeling
I guess your love don't live here no more

I'm some kind of blue without you
Don't know what to do about you
It's out of my hands, you made other plans
But, I'm still in love with you
And, I'm some kind of blue

Sunny day, two people walking
On and on, the way lovers do
Hand in hand, I find them talking
 So many things, remind me of you
(repeat 1st chorus)

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