Paroles Turn Signals Are Still Cool de Gothsicles (The)

Gothsicles (The)
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  • Chanson: Turn Signals Are Still Cool
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Turn Signals Are Still Cool de The Gothsicles

When you're in a lane And you Suddenly deviate You make me feel ashamed For my own Wisconsin license plate I can't read your mind I'm not in The Psychic Friends Network So you must signal your directional...

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Textes et Paroles de Turn Signals Are Still Cool

When you're in a laneAnd youSuddenly deviateYou make me feel ashamedFor my ownWisconsin license plateI can't read your mindI'm not inThe Psychic Friends NetworkSo you must signal your directional intentionsOr watch me go berserk(On you)In the lanesYou must signalOn the off-rampYou still must signalYou demonstrate your gaping lack of any driving skill'Cause turn signals are not optionalThe lines on the road areClearly marked, but you'reDrifting like a raftHow did you ever get a valid driver's license?Was it blackmail, bribery or witchcraft?And if the lead guy at the lightGets his left signal on too lateMake sure you get that blinker onBefore you circumnavigateThis is the type thing thatShouldn't be so hardI don't think it's that hardIs it really that hard?

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