Paroles Awake de Green Lizard

Green Lizard
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  • Chanson: Awake
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Textes et Paroles de Awake

Floating in the storm
Paralyzed my fears
I try to scream out loud
There's no one left to hear
I'm falling through the earth
It's consuming me alive
No reasons to press on
No reason to survive

I awake
In the evening of
My heart my heart

Sleeping on the ground
My body's turning red
I realize that I breath
I'd rather wake up dead
Molded just like clay
I Melted by the sun
My strength it flows away
My pain has just begun

I awake
In the evening of
My heart my heart 2x

My selfesteem
And .. (?) 2x

I awake I awake
My heart my heart


Myself selfesteem
And .. (?) 2x

No no

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