Paroles Biledriver de Gwar

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  • Artiste: Gwar7872
  • Chanson: Biledriver
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Textes et Paroles de Biledriver

All creatures born are born to die but before then survive
Some creatures born they never live but still they are alive
Upon a bony steed I sway, my scythe above the herd
I want to murder everyone in the entire world

Death feeds the cycle, driven by your hate
Can't you see there is nothing left to create?
All is for me to destroy
And emptiness employ

I want to murder everyone in the entire world
Every man and women, every boy and every girl
Swallow up the air and earth, mutilate the worms
Kill the messenger who begs us to consider terms

But hatred is a feeling that's mutated with time
Into something much more sublime
To kill without passion - a new ability
I slay with a new efficiency
This effect is most pleasing
As I slaughter millions for no reason
A vision…of universal death…


The young are simply too dumb to live
The old are weak and unclean
The ones in the middle, they also must die
Their ways are obtuse and obscene

Bring forth the Biledriver!

All is for me to destroy
And nothingness enjoy

I want to murder everyone in the entire world

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