Paroles Beggars Can't Be Choosey de H-Town

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  • Artiste: H-Town11098
  • Chanson: Beggars Can't Be Choosey
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Textes et Paroles de Beggars Can't Be Choosey

Begs can't be choosey
Yeah all right y'all oh oh oo alrighty listen

[Verse 1:]
Since the very first day I fell in love
It's a wonder how I knew what love was
All the times I played so many hearts (it's part of changing into a man)
Runnin in and out relationships
Never crossed my mind of commitment
Always thought that fad was definitely of the past
And never before me

There's so much I'd rather do
Like be in my bed gettin fresh with you
But instead I have to do with bein content with tongue kissing you
Know I'm wrong to lust for you
I'm out my mind girl wanting you
So many things I'd rather do
But beggars can't be choosey too

[Verse 2:]
Girl it comes to mind thousand times how to get inside I can't lie
Just to be with you baby (a fairy tale to me)
No roly poly quick screw you
No hanky panky less you want me to
I said I'll do what you say say you want me to do
How can I choose a mood when beggin you

I changed my style from runnin around
I just want to be a real man and stay home
Because I can't be choosey
Bein promiscuous is not for me
If I will be a freak I will be a freak for me lady
By time you take em off I'll be still ready
Oh come on show are you ready ready
It seems like you're nice and ready
Alright alright alright

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