Paroles Unsung Hero de Hanker

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  • Artiste: Hanker7268
  • Chanson: Unsung Hero
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Textes et Paroles de Unsung Hero

"All those years, I used to ring the death bell
Since my maker has come back for me,
I now stand here before you,
to tell you all straight reflections
from the life and times of the dead ringer"

You're hangin' on to your life
Trying so hard to understand
The reasons why you have no rights
You must listen to what they say
You can talk, but silently
Maybe soon they will tax your dreams

Rulers use all their powers to play with people's lives
You just wait for your break to get on this battle right

Another dream is left behind
Still trying to understand
Why there's a damned cloud over your head
Somehow you have to make it change
The sun shines for everyone
But in the sky a storm arrives

Rulers with all their powers play with people's lives
You just wait for your break to get on this battle right

Unsung Hero,
Someday you will lead the new
but please do not become like them!
No not like them!

They hold the power,
but it means nothing if they use it in the wrong way!

Still hangin' onto your life
Yet you begin to understand
What makes it that you have no rights
You feel like the world's gotta change,
But no one seems well prepared
Now's the time to achieve your hopes and dreams

Rulers had all the power and toyed with people's lives
You're making it the day you win this battle right

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