Paroles Blood Insanity de Hellhammer

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  • Artiste: Hellhammer9999
  • Chanson: Blood Insanity
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Textes et Paroles de Blood Insanity

Cold and rainy night
When the moon is full and bright
Dark clouds in the sky
And evilness turns me high

Blood insanity
I want slaughter, you cannot hide
Blood insanity
Tear to pieces my lovely bride

Prowlin', searchin' in black streets
An innocent virgin is what I need
Sexual sickness, no way to heal
Brutal barbarism I wanna feel

Watch out, you'll hear my breath
A second later you'll feel your death
It is my axe blade that shines bright
In my sweet eyes' weak light

Mutilate bodies, cut 'em down
When that feeling comes around
And when ya brain's torn on the street
Screams of lust then jerk my meat

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