Paroles Hold Me de Herbert GráƒÂ¶nemeyer

Herbert GráƒÂ¶nemeyer
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  • Artiste: Herbert GráƒÂ¶nemeyer19088
  • Chanson: Hold Me
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Textes et Paroles de Hold Me

you've made my dreams seem like real life
everyone comes true
reality's unfocused, i've lost myself in you
warm me with tender whispers
oh, now enfold me in your arms

hold me these few moments just until sleep comes

i feel so safe beside you, your heart next to mine
i want to enjoy this moment till the end of time
so good to feel you by me, good fortune overflows
i willingly surrender, find comfort in your arms

i'm beside myself with joy
feel i could float away with you
weightless, carefree, deep in love, it's ecstasy

rain on me your kiss of fire
call up the storm
the night's so short
take me, i want to be overwhelmed by you
so good to have you here

come and tell me all there is to know
i'll never tire of listening
never let you go

breathe life into my body and drown me in your arms
hold me these sweet moments just until sleep comes
hold me just until sleep comes

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