Paroles This Is Not A Goodbye de Holding On

Holding On
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  • Chanson: This Is Not A Goodbye
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Textes et Paroles de This Is Not A Goodbye

The same old places just don't feel the same. Now that you are gone. This seperation hurts like nothing before. Cause we were close for so long. All that I took for granted was stripped away from me. You've got your hopes and you've got your dreams. I've only got memories. When I walked away for the last time I wasn't sure what to say. But the reality has hit us both. I can't believe we wanted it this way. Once I realized what I had, you were a thousand miles away. It's hard not to let this get to me when you're in my mind everyday. Every fucking day. Nothing stays the same forever. I've learned this the hardest way. One thing I did not want to learn. This is not a goodbye

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