Paroles 40 Years Down de Holding On

Holding On
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  • Chanson: 40 Years Down
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Textes et Paroles de 40 Years Down

The world, it tries to break me down. And I'll survive by standing my fucking ground. Eyes closed, mouth shut is how I'm supposed to be. Or cast out for not accepting what they deem as normalcy. That is not me, that will never be me. Stuck and lifeless with no way out. That is not me. That will never be me. I'm told to stay in line, but that line leads me nowhere. They smash-all hope-by taking advantage of your dreams. What is success is all make believe. 40 years later when you're finally set free, your life is hollow and your left wondering "Is that all?" That is not me. That will never be me. Trapped and waiting for death so patiently. That is not me. That will never be me. I could never live a life so empty. The world. It tries. The world tries to break me down and I'll survive. I'll survive by standing my fucking ground and I'll survive

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