Paroles When In Rome de Humanwine

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  • Artiste: Humanwine19588
  • Chanson: When In Rome
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Textes et Paroles de When In Rome

They don’t say what they are thinking
When in Rome... Fall

Not allowed
You can’t see
The dead as they’re arriving
Many more
In the back are under flags and hiding

Makes you wonder
What they’re hiding

We are clawing
While we’re falling

From your eyes
Off the screen
You trust as truth providing
Out of Sight
Out of Mind
dumb and down a Nation decided
What is Truth?
Wanting proof
A swimming head full of lies!
Who’s to say
what is right?
Creating our own demise!

When we’re not allowed
Cause you can’t ask
Questions are treated as threats
against who
You resist
You refuse
We live on
Actions speak louder when done

From the ground up, it’s a round up

When you’re not allowed
Cause you can’t ask
Questions are treated as threats
Against who
We resist
We refuse
We live on
Long after we’re dead
What are you scared?
To lose?

This can be a safe place
Safe place to roam

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