Paroles I Won't Stop de Imaginary Baseball League

Imaginary Baseball League
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  • Artiste: Imaginary Baseball League19865
  • Chanson: I Won't Stop
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Textes et Paroles de I Won't Stop

forgot my parachute
left it on the plane
and i fell head first down
into tennessee
beside a tiny house
resting on a lake
in a church town dying
for heaven's sake
but i was alive
when you came to the door
you smiled at me
and pulled me up from the floor
when i made that jump
i was aware that the iron ground
could be waiting in there
to welcome me with its death embrace
but as i screamed south
i pictured your face
and though i fell hard
i knew how to land
just closed my eyes
and reached out my hands
let go of everything
that i couldn't stand
about myself and my scattered plans
and as soon as i stood up
we laid right back down
in the most comfortable bed
in the entire town
but we couldn't cry
about anything
and the smiles of our silence
whispered in harmony:
i love you, and i won't stop.

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