Paroles The Meeting Of Two Like Minds de Imaginary Baseball League

Imaginary Baseball League
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  • Artiste: Imaginary Baseball League19865
  • Chanson: The Meeting Of Two Like Minds
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Textes et Paroles de The Meeting Of Two Like Minds

for god's sake, grow up
you've got a lot to learn about living
you can't just go around walking on everything
like godzilla
you've got to know your territory
you have to read our minds
you have to know when we're allowed to communicate
and when you're better off to run and hide

no, wait
could you do me a favor?
could you think before you speak out loud?
there's a room full of friends
hearing you talk me down
you better know my territory
you better learn to read my mind
cause i'd rather not even communicate
if you refuse to swallow your pride

and nothing's a waste of time
if it betters your state of mind
and the meeting of two like minds
can sometimes be the hardest place to find.

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