Paroles Look Around de Impact

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  • Artiste: Impact19880
  • Chanson: Look Around
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Textes et Paroles de Look Around

This still means the world to me - tell me, did this ever mean a fucking thing to you? - we had something so true and pure and that one thing is what i can't ignore - your heart may have grown so stale and weak but my mind is still clear so i have to speak - this still means the world to me - you say you see things i can never see - you know that may be true cause you're doing things i'll never fucking do - i never thought i'd say these words again to another friend - man, can't you see - your mind isn't free - you're relying on a crutch that soon won't be enough - and when it comes crashing down - i hope you look around and see that your friends still care - your friends still care

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