Paroles Halloween On Military Street de Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse
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  • Artiste: Insane Clown Posse20067
  • Chanson: Halloween On Military Street
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Textes et Paroles de Halloween On Military Street

We measure things by what we are.
To the maggots and the G's
The G's is the universe.
To the rooms and the corpse
The corpse is the casmos
Holden in we.....
Just because of our telescopes, and microscopes,
And the spliting of the atoms, currently not
Science is but a organized system of ignorince.
There are more thing on heaven and earth...
What do we know about the uni?
Do we know what's behind the uni?
I'm afraid some of us hardly know what's beyond behind.

Fuck damnit, another Halloween
People on Military know what this means
Houses on fire, their blowin up cars
Creatures on the streets, and razor blades in candy bars

Went to trick or treat the first house on my block
Spit in my face and gave me a rock
I tried to give it back and said I'll take nothing instead
Turned around and walked away and felt the rock peg me in the head

Walked to the next house directly next door
And there I found an old lady dead on the floor
I said excuse me miss, but do you have a treat?
She lifted her leg and scraped flakes off her dead feet

I ran to the next house happy and gitty
There I seen a fat woman holding up her titty
I said "Trick or treat" she said "Treat or trick"
And squeezed on her titty until it fucken made me sick

The next house I was at back in the woods
I was a little frightened but fuck I want the goods
I knocked on the door, I heard a knock back
And then I heard "Come in" and yo I'm like, Fuck That!

This house belongs to Mrs. Cherryspoon
She said "Drop your drawers your treat is commin soon"
I quickly grew a stiffy but kept my eye's shut
A hand came out the mail shoot and flicked me in the nuts

I wobbled to the next house ready for the worst
And chillen in the drive was a long black hurse
I rung the door-bell and said "Is anybody home?"
Of course little boy have a sugar coated kidney stone

I walked in the field and to the next crib
It's friendly Mrs. Witherbee in her cooking nib
I said "How bout some candy?"
She said "How bout instead,
A nice hot fresh home made loaf of yeast infection bread"

My bag became heavy so I rest on the curb
And riding on his bike, here comes little Larry Shurd
I snuk up behind him, and kicked 'em off his seat
I punched 'em in the neck and power bombed 'em in the street

Now my sack of candy has doubled in size
Up to the next house for my scarry prize
I'm like Trick or Treat, Trick, Treat, Ticky, Dick
He opened up the door slaped my lips and didn't give me shit

Rock through his window and ran across the street
To the big mansion I'm in for a treat
I dinged on the dong, and here comes the butler
A big guppy, tall ass lurch muther fucker
I said "Hello Mr. is there somethin for my sack?"
He reached into his pocket but I think he hurt his back
It's taken him an hour, my bag is open ready
Then he finally dropped it in my sack, a fucken penny

The next house is abandoned so forget it
But wait a minute I think somebody's livin in it
I ran up to the porch Trick or Treat you can't hide
It was a crackhead he crawled in my bag and died

The next house was mine, the last on the block
My mothers sitting on the porch shinning up her glock
I climbed on the roof with my brother Jump Steady. And we yelled,

Fuck damnit, another Halloween
People on Military know what this means
Houses on fire, their blowin up cars
Creatures on the streets, and razor blades in candy bars (4x)

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