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Jane Eyre Soundtrack
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  • Artiste: Jane Eyre Soundtrack36711
  • Chanson: The Orphan
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Textes et Paroles de The Orphan

A flood of memory washes over me
A lonely girl, betrayed and battered
Contrives affection from a doll she cradles so
Thinking it will be the only love she'll ever know
Her spirit is in pieces
Her heart has broken at the seams
She craves one drop of kindness
But all she has are shattered dreams
She curses the injustice
And begs to know the reason why
She suffers in this prison
When all she wants to do is fly
Over mountains
Over oceans
How her restlessness stirs
For she longs for her liberty
When will liberty be hers?
Her life is not of value
Poverty secures her fate
Condemned to be a woman
Barely fit to educate
She swallows her rebellion
But there's a storm within her breast
She tries to quell the downpour
Yet cannot tame her soul's unrest
And the lightning strikes inside her
As she looks to the sky
And she pledges to spread her wings
Through a hurricane she'll fly
Over mountains
Over oceans
How her restlessness stirs
For she longs for her liberty
When will liberty be hers?

There's no sight so sad
No stench so bad
As that of a naughty girl
No crime so grave
As children who misbehave
When a girl can't be saved
God hears her plea
But He leaves her soul to me

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