Paroles Hostile Mascot de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Artiste: Jon Langford48567
  • Chanson: Hostile Mascot
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Textes et Paroles de Hostile Mascot

I'll be your Hoslile mascot you can feel me on your back
I'll be your Hostile mascot down there snapping at your calves
But you're so big you're so tall I can't damage you
I look so good up on your waIl making you look good

Ornamental and antagonistic
This overt warfare brings you good luck
Sleep with me but l'm still the enerny
Dual meanings of the verh to fuck

I'm your hostile mascot you can throw me in a bag
I'm your Hostile mascot you just wheeI me out for laughs
So pleasant here in servitude I hear the servants say
And he who serves and runs away must serve another day
I'm your hostile mascot but l'm ready for a change
And I won't stop until I drop or I amout of range
The maximum distance travelled by bulIets, sound or radio waves
The geographical region where endangered creatures roam

Call off the dogs I'm home an the range
Call off the dogs I'm home on the range

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