Paroles Stepping Up To The Mic (Kathleen Hanna) de Julie Ruin

Julie Ruin
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  • Chanson: Stepping Up To The Mic (Kathleen Hanna)
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Textes et Paroles de Stepping Up To The Mic (Kathleen Hanna)

She woke up in the morning
having a bad dream about being in some kind of doggy basket
and wanting desperately to get out.
I told her maybe it had something to do
with going in the record-store the night before
There were so many bad records and CDs everywhere
and so many incredible ones.
And it started feeling, like, overwhelming,
and we couldn't do anything.
Then she reminded me of the thing that Patti Smith said,
and that Rambo (?!) said a really long time ago,
you know about new sight, sounds and visions
created by women.
And suddenly it seemed
like everything was possible for us,
in that moment in time
when we listened to headphones
and heard Patti Smith say "Alright lets get to it!"

And I'm waiting, and I'm losing it
And I feel scared, but scared feels so good

All of a sudden I saw the lights light up
as my voice was travelling
through the wires from the microphone,
and I realized that millions of women, at one point or another
would stand in front of a microphone
and say things like i was saying, or already said.
I felt like I was in the process of continuing
some kind of weird historical thing was overtaking me,
like I was Patsy Cline or Queen Latifah,
or somebody really important.
And i realized that there was no time like now
and I didn't care if I was scared.

Shaking in the most incredible way
Shaking in the most incredible way
Shaking in the most incredible way
Shaking in the most incredible way

I'm not waiting, but I'm losing it
And I feel scared, but scared can feel
So good
So fine
So good
So good

(Shaking in the most incredible way)

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